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Drum Major International (DMI) was founded in 2020 to provide a unified competition circuit for Drum Majors. DMI is a non-profit organization and maintains strict judging requirements to ensure a consistent and fair experience for all competitors.

  • DMI was founded by Drum Majors. Each member of our management team has competed and instructed drum majors, and keeps up to date with current practices in the drum major world.

  • DMI utilizes dual panel judges for all shows, which means you get twice the feedback and no single judge is able to sway the final results.

  • DMI provides video feedback allowing competitors to see what the judge sees along with the judge's commentary. 

  • DMI judges are specialized to their adjudication categories. Which means you don't get field conductors judging flourishing competitors and vice versa.

  • DMI judges are required to go through an annual training and certification process to make sure they stay up to date on developments and practices in the spinning and conducting world.

  • DMI utilizes judges and guest judges with backgrounds from World Class DCI groups, military bands, and world championship competitors.

  • DMI is a non-profit organization, which means you can rest assured that you don't need to pay for expensive lessons or camps to score well. 

  • DMI offers unique classifications such as:

    • Senior Classification - For competitors in college and beyond​

    • Team Field Conducting - A reflection of actual field shows, drum majors may compete as part of a team

  • DMI offers more classifications than any other circuit, allowing competitors to be better matched against other competitors at their own level. ​

  • DMI judges can move competitors between classifications to make sure competitors are assigned to the appropriate level.

  • DMI offers a grand champion title at every show for the highest combined flourishing and conducting score.


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